User Management

This is a paid option that requires an Enterprise license.
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In this area you can create and manage additional user accounts, e.g. for your employees or colleagues. They then have access to the computers managed with your O&O Syspectr account and optionally for certain or all managed accounts, e.g. customers or clients.

To create a new user account, enter a valid e-mail, optionally your first name and surname as well as a description so that you can identify the account more easily later.

Confirm new user accounts

New users that you create here require a valid e-mail address, which must be confirmed before logging in for the first time. As with the new registration, an e-mail with a confirmation link is sent. After confirmation, the new user must choose a secure password.

Grant access to one or more managed accounts

You can choose which accounts or clients the new user can access. At least one account must be entered here; this is your main account by default.

Log in to the newly created user account

When logging in for the first time, the newly created user sees a welcome message and an overview of all accounts / clients that he can access. These users are not allowed to create any further clients or accounts but can only switch between the accounts assigned to them.

Edit and delete users

You can change all user data except for the e-mail and grant or revoke access to managed accounts and other accounts later. You can also delete the users you have created.