This page shows your computers and their recent events. You can see at a glance which systems have a problem

ERROR or a warning

WARNING. Computers with a green status

OK are fine. If the status is grey, for example WARNING then this system is either turned off or currently unavailable. An hourglass indicates that the information from that computer is currently being obtained and processed


You can display your computers and groups in two ways:

  • Display as tiles
  • Display as a list
  • Display as Groups

Both views deliver brief information on the computer (operating system) or group (number of computers) as well as the respective status.

All Computers brings you to an overview page of all your systems. With the filter you can select which type of computers and groups should be displayed.

Add computer

With + Add computer you can add new computers any time you like. Simply click on the symbol and you get to the page with the installation file.