This is a paid option that requires an Enterprise license.
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O&O Syspectr offers the option of managing and administering accounts. This means you can also manage someone else's account or give someone else permission to manage yours.

Available Credentials

This list shows you the accounts where you have credentials. When selecting another account, you’ll be able to manage its computers and settings. Please note that making any changes will require write credentials.

Change back to your account

When you want to stop managing a different account, select the item "Exit Account" from the menu. Or return to the settings page and select your own account from the list.

Add user account

If you want to give someone else access rights to your account and thereby extend control over your computers, enter their email address here. Please note that the email address you enter must correspond to an existing O&O-Syspectr account! Once this is done you may select the credentials:

  • Read credentials - The user can access status information about your computer but cannot change any settings
  • Write credentials - The user has the same power you do over all settings

The user will then receive a message concerning the approved credentials. Note: Users you invite to manage your account can not see your profile data on these pages. This data is only visible to the account holder.