Apps provide special functionalities in O&O Syspectr. Each app is independent of other apps and can therefore be used when needed. You can enable or disable apps for a machine or a group of machines. Activation may require the installation of an additional component which happens automatically in the background. With deactivation, this component is removed again.

O&O Syspectr has free and paid apps. The free apps can be used immediately. Paid apps must first be purchased in our Online Shop or through an authorized sales partner and require a valid license. When purchasing through our Online Shop, you need do nothing more as this license is automatically transferred to your account. When purchasing through a sales partner, you must enter the license in the License Management section.

The following Apps are available in O&O Syspectr. When it comes to availability, you have the following options:

  • Included - These Apps are available in all editions at no additional cost.
  • Paid - These paid Apps require at least a Premium or Enterprise Edition and additional license fees depending on the App.

Available Apps

App Availability Description
Hardware Included Inventory and display of all essential components of your Windows systems such as CPU, memory, disks, etc. Includes the option for monitoring sensors for the CPU temperature.
Software Included Inventory and view of installed programs as well as their versions. Offers the option for uninstalling programs provided they support Windows standards.
Remote Desktop Included Immediate intervention possible from any device with an internet connection. No need for any additional software, browser plugins or DLL Injections. Whenever requested, work together with the user of the device involved.
Remote Console Included Open a command on a remote computer to take a quick look at its permissions or help the user with any problems.
Windows Security Included Display and monitoring of the most important Windows security settings. Settings can be configured and monitored remotely so that in the event of any security gaps, corresponding notifications can be generated.
Windows Updates Included Status and management of Windows updates with numerous configuration options for keeping Windows up to date.
Microsoft Defender Antivirus Included Maintenance of Microsoft Defender Antivirus
G DATA Antivirus Business Paid Installation and maintanance of G DATA Antivirus Business
Drive Monitoring Included Monitoring of S.M.A.R.T values on disks and automatic notification if values deteriorate to such an extent that a crash is possible.
Storage Usage Included Display and monitoring of the space on integrated storage devices such as hard disks and SSDs. Using threshold values, it’s possible to learn early enough about an impending space problem and react accordingly.
O&O Defrag Paid Installation and management of O&O Defrag for automatic optimization of performance. This helps keep speed up to its maximum level on both the system and Windows to get the most out of hardware.
Disk Cleanup Included Identification and removal of useless files to save space.
Processes and Services Included View of running processes as well as options for preventing certain processes from starting or reporting about their start and/or end.
Process Watcher Included View of running processes as well as options for preventing certain processes from starting or reporting about their start and/or end.
USB Storage Included View of connected USB storage devices and options for preventing connection of USB devices entirely to increase system security.
PowerShell Scripts Included A very easy option for managing PowerShell scripts and running them manually or automatically on the computer. Results can be monitored and corresponding notifications generated. This app is supplemented by a central library containing all PowerShell scripts for the account.