O&O Syspectr monitors your Windows systems in the background and immediately communicates possible problems – detecting problems before they cause pain. In addition, with O&O Syspectr you get a comprehensive overview and deep insights into your Windows infrastructure. You can have all relevant system information displayed at any time: hardware, software, levels and health status of the hard disks, connection status as well as internal and external IP addresses and much more. O&O Syspectr does not only monitor, but also helps you actively: with the integrated Remote Desktop, you can always help your users directly on their PC.

The administration takes place at O&O Syspectr via the web browser. Any current browser can be used on any Internet-enabled device. Because the application is fully web-based, no additional software or plug-ins are required. This also applies to the Remote Desktop, which also runs completely in the browser.

See what's going on inside your PCs and servers

O&O Syspectr gives you a comprehensive overview of your Windows infrastructure. But it allows you to take a closer look because O&O Syspectr displays all relevant system information whenever you want to see it: hardware, software, level of usage and general condition of all hard disks, status of connections as well as internal and external IP addresses just to name a few.

Spot problems before they hurt

O&O Syspectr monitors your Windows systems behind the scenes and keeps you constantly informed of any possible problems. This can include anything from installation of new software, the permanent monitoring of Windows Security, or notification of failed updates. O&O Syspectr can also let you know everytime a USB disk is being connected and gives you the power to stop this from happening. At the press of a button you can avoid potentially malicious software or prevent important documents from being removed.

Another common source of problems are hard disks: O&O Syspectr displays their current load and can warn you if they exceed a critical value. No more overloaded servers bringing the entire company to a stop. And by monitoring hard disk parameters, you’ll be given early warning about any disk that’s on the verge of crashing. One more important way for you to avoid wasting valuable time!

Manage IT, help your workers and deliver a service

O&O Syspectr doesn’t just monitor, it also provides active assistance: the integrated Remote Desktop allows you to help your users or customers directly on their PCs whenever the need arises. The only thing you need is an active browser and an end device with an internet connection. You’re at the airport and need to make a quick change in a setting for your bookkeeper? No problem! Or want to see what’s happening on a server? This can also be done with just a few clicks (or “touches”!). Using secure encryption from our German-based control center and two factor authentication, your entire system will be “in your pocket” whenever and wherever you want it.

O&O Syspectr makes it easy to create a large number of system settings and with the Remote Console, you can fall back on the good old reliable command line as well.

Thanks to the built-in multi-client capability of O&O Syspectr, you can easily offer remote monitoring and management (RMM) as a service for your customers.

O&O Syspectr in a nutshell

  • Free IT management from the cloud
  • No servers, no additional infrastructure or training required
  • Set up and ready for use in 5 minutes. No risk – just try it out
  • German cloud. German manufacturer. Support team in Berlin
  • Data does not leave the company
  • Client management included for partners
  • Contract for order processing according to GDPR possible on request
  • Ready to use – you just need an email address

O&O Syspectr gives you a complete overview of your entire Windows infrastructure. With an easy to use web application, you can track all the events in real time. You will be notified immediately over your dashboard or by e-mail when something triggers an alarm.