This is a paid option that requires an Premium license.
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With groups you can organize your computers and thus make settings for an entire group of computers. Likewise, you can get information about an entire group. Simply click on the group's tile to see its overview. You can also create a new group with the "Create new group" option. In the "Overview" section of the group you will get a summary of the group with information about the number of included computers and the last connection of one of the computers. In the list of computers you can read the last event of the computer and its current status.

The group "All computers" is always automatically created by the system and contains all your computers in your account.

Computer Tags

O&O Syspectr uses tags to add machines to a group. From a "tag" you can create a group by clicking on the "tag". As soon as you set a "day" for a computer, this computer is added to the group and receives the corresponding settings of the group. "Computer Tags" displays the computer tags and lets you assign these tags to the machines of your choice. By clicking on a "tag" you will be taken directly to the relevant tag list. There you can switch to the corresponding computer group or create a new group right away if it does not already exist.