Managed Accounts

This is a paid option that requires an Enterprise license.
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In this section you can create and manage accounts for your customers. To create a new account, simply enter an appropriate name and click Add.

Current account

You can always see which account you are currently in as it either shows as „“Active“ or you look top right – you will see your user name if you are in your account, or your username@account, meaning you are in a customer account.

Switch between accounts

You can now switch between accounts and create individual settings. Click on your user name and select the sub-account from the list under your name (they are listed between “Notifications“ and “Feedback“).


Add computer

To add comptuers to your sub-accounts, go to the appropriate account and you will be directed to the start page. There you can click on “Add Computer“ and can download either the .msi or.exe file. Install it onto the computer that you intend to monitor under the account. Please note: Because your main and sub-accounts are entirely independent of each other, you will only see an added computer in the account from which the .exe or .msi file originates.

Access credentials

Set access credentials

You can assign separate access authorizations to your accounts, thus ensuring that access authorizations only apply to the account for which they are relevant. For information on access permissions, click in the account tile on menu (⋮) on the menu item "Access permissions".